An Awkward Pause

We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled program (so many movies to watch, audience, sooo many) to show you something amazing we discovered while watching these delightful Hallmark Movies. Its a phenomenon we like to call "The Awkward Pause". Since DVR has made it possible to pause the films so that we can retrieve another much needed glass of wine, champagne, rum, or rubbing alcohol, we found that it also allows us to capture the greatest moments in Hallmark Christmas Movie History.

Today we want to take you on a journey of some of our favorite moments over the past Holiday Movie Watching Season.

"The Constipated Prince: A Study in Contrasts" 

"Hello from the Outsiiiiiiiiiide. At least I can say that I've triiiiiiied. To get you into the Christmas spirit, bitch."

The things a girl will do to impress a prince.  

Let me sit here and stroke my beard because I'm William Fucking Shatner and I can do anything.

And now for the the Pièce de Résistance So amazing that it needs no caption


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