One Starry Christmas

Hallmark Holiday Movie Checklist:
  • Character named Holly and/or some other Christmas derivative
  • Character breaks down/gets lost/ gets trapped with a stranger who could be their soulmate
  • Workaholic boyfriend
  • Character whose parents who showed them the meaning of true love and they could never settle for anything less
  • Flirty/romantic ice skating scene
  • Bosses making their employees go to their extravagant Christmas Eve parties instead of being at home with their families 
  • Christmas proposal 
 One Starry Christmas has all of the above and COWBOYS!


The Synopsis: An aspiring astronomer (no seriously, an astronomer), who has just written her dissertation on the Cultural Significance of Orion and has a one-dimensional workaholic boyfriend (who chooses jeopardy and a work trip over spending Christmas with her), decides to travel on a rickety bus from Chicago to NewYork and- surprise, surprise- breaks down with a handsome stranger cowboy! Who will Holly choose to spend the rest of her stargazing life with? And will her parents forego all reality and good sense to invite a total stranger and his brother over for Christmas because they have a rodeo in New Jersey and no home cooked holiday meals to fill their bellies?

Favorite Scene in the Movie: Luke, our handsome cowboy protagonist, and Holly, our aspiring astronomer, are outside stargazing on a porch swing that is supposed to be in a New York neighborhood that is clearly not in any New York neighborhood I have ever seen. Luke tells her that all Texans believe that the Orion constellation (remember our heroine loves stars!) is really the most famous cowboy in all of history, Wild Bill. His tale includes Wild Bill's inseparable true love Josephine, a christmas proposal, a snowstorm and escaped cattle. It is also revealed that Wild Bill may have died tragically in a tornado of his own creation before he could propose to his soulmate. The story is highly upsetting but our heroine is charmed.

Favorite Line Exchange:

Cowboy: "She's the kind of girl who can teach you to ice skate by day and show you the stars by night."
Holly: "She sounds amazing."

Random Thoughts We Had While Watching this Movie:

She rides a scooter. See, everyone, she's quirky!

Her boyfriend chose Jeopardy over romantic stargazing. This relationship is doomed.

Wow, she really enjoys talking to herself. And spinning. And squealing. And pretending to be engaged.

Wake up, Holly! Your unexpected holiday romance in the form of an honest to goodness cowboy is sitting next to you.

Wait, is the saddle named Gail or Dale? And why can't he put it in the overhead compartment again? I'm confused.

There's a rodeo in New Jersey? How have I not known about this?

I should count how many times they use the word cowboy.

Luke plays the harmonica. He really is a cowboy.

You sound like a rescued castaway? Adam, her current boyfriend, sucks at analogies.

I guess the phrase "stranger danger" doesn't apply to cowboys.

Her parents are always eating or cleaning wine glasses or putting together puzzles. I love them.

Holly says to Luke," You clean up well, cowboy." when he is LITERALLY wearing the exact same blue flannel shirt that he was in when he met her last night. I don't even think he showered.

In less than 12 hours, Luke the cowboy has gone from a complete stranger to the son they never had. That makes perfect sense.

Aaaaand cue the laughing, falling on top of each other flirty skating mishap. Yup, there it is.

Wait! There are two cowboys in this movie? And they're brothers. Y.E.S.

Our house has never had a Christmas sing-along with strangers we randomly invite to spend the holidays with us. I feel deprived.

Holly's current boyfriend REALLY hates this sing along.  Like, really. He is looking at them like they are all next level bonkers.

I really should have counted how many times they use the word cowboy.

Spontaneous line dancing at a Christmas Eve party. My dreams are fulfilled.

I know we are supposed to hate her one dimensional corporate lawyer boyfriend but she is hardcore making eyes and dancing suggestively with the cowboy she brought home while at her current boyfriend's work party, in front of his new boss. Not cool, Holly. Not cool.

I love when cowboys argue over soul mates while tossing around expressions like "Grab the bull by the horns!" and "Cowboy up and go after her! She's your Josephine."

Her parents are spying on their romantic ending. Like way longer than is socially acceptable. Her parents are kind of pervy.

Yes, Holly, it turns out your mother was right. It only takes a New York minute to fall in love with your soulmate.


Conclusion: If you like cowboys and christmas, and cowboys, and cowboys then THIS is the movie for you.


  1. Super excited to watch this quality film!! Oh and I'll be sure to count how many times they say cowboy. Btw I'm crying from laughter right now...

    1. It's pretty amazing. And we would SO appreciate the counting of the cowboys. So glad you liked it! We had a blast writing it. :)

  2. Elizabeth, you may need to come over and we can play a "cowboy" drinking game. It's totally ok to play a drinking game with champagne, right??!


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