Introduction to the Dynamic Movie Reviewing Duo

Dear Readers,

We assure you that this blog comes from a place of love and a place of undying respect for the Hallmark Christmas movie script writers. Okay, it may also have something to do with our deep-seeded feelings of inadequacy over our family never having played one game of touch football during the holidays. The Hallmark Families ALWAYS play a rousing, charmingly competitive game filled with laughter, shenanigans, and robust men. If our family played such a whimsical game, it would probably look more like a scene from The Walking Dead (just look at the flowers, Lizzie) than a Hallmark movie.

But we digress.

Having cast aside our shattered dreams of one day writing a Hallmark Christmas movie of our very own, we have settled (over many, many text messages and several gallons of wine) for writing reviews about these heart-warming, cozying-up-next-to-a-fire-on-a-sunday-with-hot-cocoa movies. What do these reviews entail? Hallmark premiered its first Holiday movie on November 1st and is currently gearing up its marketing machine for its twelve new and original holiday movies. This means we have twelve- yes twelve- movies to watch and review. Each week, we will regale you with a short synopsis of the movie, some of our favorite lines and favorite scenes as well as some very revealing stream-of-conscious thoughts. Will it be funny? As funny as asking Santa for a boyfriend for Christmas AND GETTING ONE.

We may revisit an old favorite movie or two and are currently open to a few requests.  Who knows? Maybe we'll even get crazy with a guest poster.


We invite you to sit down, relax, and be entertained as we try and answer age old questions like "Why can't I forge a connection with a stranger over a mutual love of constellations and christmas?" and   "Why aren't my bosses throwing amazing million dollar Christmas Eve parties with choreographed dancing?".

We sincerely hope you love these so-bad-they-are-good movies as much as we do. Or at least love our reviews. Not that we are desperate for your approval or anything. Love us. Please love us. 

Seasons Greetings,

Beth & Laura


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