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The Christmas Shepherd

Hallmark Holiday Movie Checklist:
Tragic widower with a young daughter and a heart of goldTragic army widow who lost her husband in the line of dutyAnimal brings a couple togetherFlirty/romantic ice skating sceneUses picking out a Christmas Tree as a metaphor for finding loveFlirty/romantic christmas tree decorating scene
Have you ever wanted something that didn't belong to you, even if it's a living being? According to the Christmas Shepherd, you can keep anything you want- as long as you declare it a part of your family first- without any legal recourse, social repercussions, or even personal judgement from the original owner. 

Synopsis: Girl loses dog. Boy finds dog. Boy's daughter refuses to give dog back even though the dog is NOT HER DOG. It takes 2 hours, a terrifying (or flirty) ice skating debacle, and a mind-boggling ass-shaking, hot chocolate-stirring scene for girl to get dog back.

Favorite Lines:

Daughter: "She can't have him back. He's a part of our …